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sauna rooms

SAWO modular sauna rooms are very easy to install. Designed by sauna specialists from Finland. Available in Cedar, Aspen and Spruce wood.


Choose a perfect match heater for your sauna room with different design options. We have Tower, Stone and Stainless heater categories.


Feel a mild and smoother steam with SAWO steam generators. Plenty of control options for a personalized steam bathing.


A more modern, easy to use controls and equipped with features for you to enjoy a more splendid sauna or steam bathing experience.


SAWO have wide designs of meters, clocks, sauna lights, pails, benches and other useful items for your sauna.


SAWO manufactures a ready-to-use sauna panels, timbers, pre-made benches and skirting. Made from either Cedar, Aspen or Spruce wood.

Releases Stress and Tension.

Sauna bathing opens the pores skin and helps the body in removing harmful toxins and other impurities.